Several green plastic boxes with fresh spring onions tied in bundles.
Several green plastic boxes with fresh spring onions tied in bundles.


Our Services Across the Supply Chain.

More than 114 Years of Drive and Innovation.

Two hands pick red strawberries from a green bush. Both red and white, unripe strawberries hang on the bush.


The farmers, food producers and above all the retailers and wholesalers we work with have high demands concerning the quality of the products – fresh from the field, through processing all the way to the shelves.

Red strawberries in plastic packaging run on an assembly line past workers in green suits and blue rubber gloves.

Packstation Production

After harvesting or processing, the food is cleaned and packed.

Transport to Crossdocking-Station

Transport – Organization and Processing

Assembly lines run through the warehouse. In the foreground you can see a monitor, in the background employees in yellow waistcoats are packing food.


This is where our first quality control comes into play. In addition, we are responsible for the reassembly of the goods QS, supply control and the organization of suppliers.


Transportation of goods to a head warehouse LEH or to ZL.

Employees wearing red jackets and rubber gloves pluck the leaves from orange physalis.

Distribution Center/Head Warehouse

Further quality control is followed by sorting, picking and reassembling of the goods by our employees and partners.

Transport ZL LEH

Transport – Organization and Processing

Boxes of cardboard and plastic are stacked in yellow and silver storage racks. A PAPP employee with a blue jacket drives a red pallet truck while leaning to the side.

Central warehouse LEH

After transport, the goods are stored and/or passed through.

Transport and Retail

Transport – Organization and Processing

Numerous yellow, fresh fruits lie next to each other in cardboard boxes.


Finally, the goods are unloaded at the store and put into the shelves.