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Papp Logistics

Stands for

Peace of Mind

We embody responsibility and reliability. Our customers know that we act in their interest over the long term.


Our customers enjoy the ease of having the entire supply chain covered by a single service provider. One contact person, one responsible person, one business relationship.


Our approach is so agile that we are able to provide products and services tailored to the standards, processes and needs of each of our customers.

Working with

Papp Logistics

Move with us

through all of Europe

We Build on



With us, you will always receive market-driven payment per kilometer, a fixed agreed KM price per month and prompt payment.

Performance per Kilometer

At PAPP LOGISTICS we generally record above-average performance per kilometer.


We are well positioned to place regular orders even during a crisis.


We make sure that the vehicles on the circuit are consistently busy.

Pan-European Coverage

We offer a comprehensive range of cargo services throughout Europe.

We Expect


We enjoy a culture of reliable and high-quality collaboration within the company and with our partners.


We require a valid CMR policy and EU license.


In order to guarantee high quality we expect a modern and well-maintained fleet of vehicles.