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“On a technical, ecological, social and economic level, we see it as our duty to manage a company that lives and breathes continuous optimization, acts in line with the times, is crisis-proof and plans for the future with foresight.”

The Leadership Team

Maximilian & Matthias Papp

Management Team

Matthias and Maximilian Papp were shaped early on by their entrepreneurial family. Throughout their childhood, they became engrossed in issues like employee management, responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking.

Despite their early experiences in the family business, taking over PAPP LOGISTICS was not always the goal for either of them. And yet, both brothers were drawn back at different points in their lives. Their degrees in economics, which both were completed after graduating from high school, proved only to provide the formal requirements for their entry into the business. The joy of creating something, and the idea of leading a company into the future, was the driving force behind the brothers’ decision returning to lead the organization, and continues to be up to this day. Today, they are the fourth generation of PAPP LOGISTICS managers who enjoy a great passion for future oriented, family-owned businesses.

“I have arrived and I am doing what I love – successfully shaping a company” says Maximilian. Matthias adds: “From today’s perspective, I would never have wanted to do anything else in my life. I really enjoy the industry, the people and our company.”

Matthias Papp first went to Italy to build up a subsidiary in the south of Verona, which he then managed for over ten years. In early 2007, he returned to Munich to join the group’s management team. Today, as a Managing Partner, he is responsible for operations as well as for the quality control, sales and strategy departments.

Maximilian Papp joined the company in 2011 and first took over the sales department before moving to finance. The fundamental renewal of the company-wide network as well as the complete redesign of the IT system are the fruits of his leadership. Today, as a Managing Partner, he heads the Finance and IT departments and is responsible for sustainability issues.

The brothers credit the freedom and fulfilling life experiences that each had gained growing up that helped shape the innovative management styles that they enjoy today.


& Values

We combine reliability with a culture
of innovation, curiosity and courage.

Our History

In 1906, Balthasar Papp founded the company by purchasing the fruit and vegetable transport department from an existing freight forwarding company, thus laying the foundation for the focus on freshness that still holds true today.

Within four generations, the PAPP LOGISTICS company set itself apart from others over the course of two wars, several crises, the development of new business areas and continuous growth. 114 years later, PAPP LOGISTICS specializes in the systemic organization of goods flows and is a direct and indirect service provider to the food retail trade.

Through collaboration, flexible and innovative thinking and the courage to break new ground, fourth generation PAPP LOGISTICS still shapes the fresh food retail sector in Europe today and demonstrates how a medium-sized company can also leverage and shape the digital space.