A close-up of a wet spinach leaf. There is a green ring-shaped pattern overlaying the picture.
A close-up of a wet spinach leaf. There is a green ring-shaped pattern overlaying the picture.

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Fresh food platform

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Welcome to the hub of your fresh food platform for fresh fruits and vegetables. We are the dynamic partner for an efficient logistic’s service, that includes the planning and the precise control of the flow of goods.

A hub for fruit and vegetables

A destination, a logistic's service, a service provider, and endless possibilities.

Flows of goods

It’s through system-based solutions and platform management, that our organization for the flow of goods is able to run smoothly and at a rapid rate.

We Promise Quality

The areas that we specialize in are in refrigeration, the disposition of goods and good-quality assurance.

Customized solutions according to our customer's requirements

We practice agility, so that we can tailor our products and deals to uphold the standards, processes and needs of our customers.

For more than 115 years

Expertise in logistics

Our core competencies includes the handling of specific articles throughout the complete process chain, as well as, it’s careful preparation and packaging. It’s because our company incorporates modern’s systems, and we are flexible and work efficiently, that we are capable of implementing the needs and requirements of our customers. From intra-logistics to bite-sized delivery to central warehouses; we offer comprehensive services, tailored to individual needs.

In and around Mönchengladbach

Fresh Jobs

Our customers and supply partners from various countries make us an international employer. Our dedicated and heterogeneous team guarantees the highest quality and safety in the testing and handling of the delivered goods. We work every day in the interest of an optimal logistics process and are constantly evolving. Flat hierarchies and short decision- making processes enable a high degree of personal responsibility.

Enrich our team at the new location in Mönchengladbach and become part of the medium-sized company of the future!

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Warehouse management

Your tasks will include planning the daily retrieval of goods, monitoring order picking, pooling, and compliance with the temperature control of the trailer and hall.

Goods handling

Your tasks will include the control center/communication to the regional companies as well as compliance with occupational health and safety requirements.

Goods storage

Your tasks will include the control center for goods storage, receiving delivery notes and checking delivery notes before issuing.

Goods Disposition

You will be responsible for quantity, demand and season planning in the assigned assortment area and ensuring the demand-based availability of goods in the assigned assortment area.

Quality Management

You will be the contact person for the quality of goods in incoming goods inspection, in inventory and in the sorting and packing operation, and you will manage externally deployed service providers.

Packing Station

Your tasks include monitoring the employees in the packing station and ensuring the functionality of packaging machines.