A view of a blue and white building at the PAPP site in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg.
Three red loading docks below a grey, white and green striped wall at the PAPP site near Hanover.

About us

The Whole Story

More than 100 Years of Drive and Innovation.

From the beginning

Family business out of passion

In 1906, as a young man, Balthasar Papp became an entrepreneur and founded Balthasar Papp KG. Inspired by the Italian city of Verona, he joined forces with the traders of Munich and the city of Munich to found the first wholesale market hall in town. He persuaded the rail operator to treat the freight, broken up by transhipment in Munich, as direct traffic, in terms of price, and thus laying the foundation that turned Munich into a supra-regional F&V market.

A PAPP warehouse is brightly lit early in the morning on the side of a motorway. Trucks stand at the loading ramps and drive into the misty, green landscape.

Challenges drive us

Shortly, before World War II, Papp’s daughter Gertrud took over the management of she rebuilt the company, back up from scratch, after the war. Under her leadership, the PAPP Logistics Group developed a strong market position as a customs forwarder on the Austrian-German border and as a Europe-wide rail freight forwarder for fruit & vegetables. In 1985, her grandson, Florian Papp, became her successor, and over the next ten years reinvented the company once again. Then, the transportation of fruits and vegetables via railway came to a halt. Therefore, customs clearance became obsolete with the reunification of Europe. In it’s aftermath, the company lost a large part of its business. The company shifted its focus to the development and leasing of logistics space within the Munich Grossmarkthalle, built on cross-border land transport, developed a fresh produce network in Italy and entered the retail logistics business at the end of the 1990s.

Blackberries, raspberries and blueberries packed in plastic containers lie in brown cardboard boxes.

Future-proof logistics

Finally, the fouth-generation family member, Matthias and Maximilian Papp, took the challenge and set the ambitious goal of becoming value-added service providers in the German food retail industry (LEH) in procurement logistics, as well as operating platforms for the retail industry and its suppliers. Today, they currently tackle the automation of workflows and the development of digital platforms and processes. Through deep integration into the supply chain of existing customers, the business continues to grow. The PAPP Logistics Group continues to rely on a solid foundation of experience, strong partnerships, modern work methods, digital processes and the expertise of its employees.